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GeneWorks rewards its Custom Oligo customers for their loyalty and repeat business with our organisation. We appreciate you have a choice of supplier and value your decision to use our service. Below you will find some information about the GeneWorks Oligo Rewards Program.

Registration for Rewards

Registration is open to all Oligo customers in Australia. A separate program is offered to our New Zealand customers (please refer to

To register for our program, customers must be registered for internet ordering of oligos on Registration for Rewards is then initiated by sending an e-mail with the Subject line “Please Register Me” to Oligos are counted from the beginning of the month of registration. We cannot backdate registration beyond this.

For logistical reasons, we regret the Rewards program is currently not available outside Australia and New Zealand.

Accumulating Points

Each oligonucleotide made by GeneWorks earns one point, regardless of the dollar value of the oligo. GeneWorks keeps a rolling tally of total points earned, points redeemed and remaining points available for redemption. Early in each month, GeneWorks sends active registered customers an e-mail with their Rewards account status, a reminder of the rewards available and instructions for reward redemption.

Reward Claims

This involves sending an e-mail to stating how many points to redeem and the chosen reward. We either ship the reward direct by courier or arrange for personal delivery by a GeneWorks Territory Manager. Delivery is usually prompt but may take up to 21 days.

It is our intention that GeneWorks rewards are used in the workplace and where possible shared with others.

Transfer of Points

Points must be claimed by the account holder and are not transferable between individuals on the program. PLEASE NOTE that for logistical reasons points cannot be transferred to a new department or institution. We encourage customers to claim their rewards before moving.

Re-registration of a Rewards member at a new department or institution is encouraged and will attract a bonus 20 points at the time of registration.

Inactive Accounts

Accounts inactive (no oligos purchased) for 6 months are deleted from our Rewards database. In such cases any unclaimed reward points will be forfeited.

Rewards Available

GeneWorks offers a range of quality items which are functional or which can be used to celebrate scientific achievements in your laboratory. Currently we have the following rewards available:

15 GeneWorks Laboratory Countdown Timer         
30 GeneWorks USB Optical Mini Mouse
40 Tim Adams Bayes Block Riesling
40 Chain of Ponds Novello Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
40 Madeleine's Nangkita Shiraz
40 Tim Adams Cabernet Malbec
60 Sharp Scientific Calculator, Model EL-531WH
80 Turkey Flat Shiraz
PointsPremium Rewards
300  PZ-4041 Discovery Single Channel Pipette (0.1 – 2uL)
300  PZ-4042 Discovery Single Channel Pipette (0.5 – 10uL)
300 PZ-4043 Discovery Single Channel Pipette (2 – 20uL)
300 PZ-4047 Discovery Single Channel Pipette (5 – 50uL)
300 PZ-4044 Discovery Single Channel Pipette (10 – 100uL)
300 PZ-4045 Discovery Single Channel Pipette (20 – 200uL)
300 PZ-4040 Discovery Single Channel Pipette (50 – 250uL)
300 PZ-4046 Discovery Single Channel Pipette (100 – 1000uL)
360 PZ-6003 Discovery Pro Single Channel Pipette (2 – 20uL)
360 PZ-6004 Discovery Pro Single Channel Pipette (10 – 100uL)
360 PZ-6005 Discovery Pro Single Channel Pipette (20 – 200uL)
360 PZ-6006 Discovery Pro Single Channel Pipette (100 – 1000uL)
370 PZ-6001 Discovery Pro Single Channel Pipette (0.1 – 2uL)
370 PZ-6002 Discovery Pro Single Channel Pipette (0.5 – 10uL)
520 PZ-0390 Swiftpet Pro Pipette Controller (incl. charging stand)
660 PZ-5121 Discovery 8-Channel Pipette (0.5 - 10uL)
660 PZ-5122 Discovery 8-Channel Pipette (5 - 50uL)
660 PZ-5123 Discovery 8-Channel Pipette (20 - 200uL)
660 PZ-5124 Discovery 8-Channel Pipette (50 - 300uL)
770 PZ-8000 Mini Centrifuge
800 PZ-4951 Discovery Pro 8-Channel Pipette (0.5 - 10uL)
800 PZ-4952 Discovery Pro 8-Channel Pipette (5 - 50uL)
800 PZ-4953 Discovery Pro 8-Channel Pipette (20 - 200uL)
800 PZ-4954 Discovery Pro 8-Channel Pipette (50 - 300uL)
820 PZ-5125 Discovery 12-Channel Pipette (0.5 - 10uL)
820 PZ-5126 Discovery 12-Channel Pipette (5 - 50uL)
820 PZ-5127 Discovery 12-Channel Pipette (20 - 200uL)
820 PZ-5128 Discovery 12-Channel Pipette (50 - 300uL)
860 PZ-4955 Discovery Pro 12-Channel Pipette (0.5 - 10uL)
860 PZ-4956 Discovery Pro 12-Channel Pipette (5 - 50uL)
860 PZ-4957 Discovery Pro 12-Channel Pipette (20 - 200uL)
860 PZ-4958 Discovery Pro 12-Channel Pipette (50 - 300uL)


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