Synthesis Scale

The synthesis scale refers to the nominal quantity (in moles) of the first (3’) nucleotide and not the final yield of the full length oligonucleotide. It is only approximate and some variation is to be expected. The delivered quantity will depend on the sequence length and purity. Minimum yields for a 20 base oligo are:

Minimum yields for a typical 20-mer oligo
Scale Sequencing/PCR Grade Transfection Grade HPLC Purified
1 OD = ~30 ug = ~5 nmoles for a 20-mer
For expected yields for longer or shorter oligos please refer to the FAQ.
Click here for yields of Dual Labeled Probes
40 nmole 5 OD 4 OD 2 OD
200 nmole 20 OD 16 OD 8 OD
1000 nmole 80 OD 64 OD 32 OD


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