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miRNAs are a family of non-coding, highly conserved RNAs consisting of 19-25 nucleotides. They are found to be expressed in a broad variety of different species including plants, worms and humans.

miRNAs are expressed in the nucleus as pri-miRNAs and are processed by the Drosha complex into pre-miRNA. After export by exportin the pre-miRNA gets processed by dicing, asymmetric unwinding and turns into a mature miRNA after RISC loading. These small RNAs are then acting by negatively regulating gene expression at the post-translational level. miRNAs are nowadays considered to be involved in the development of cancer and other diseases. The negative regulatory effect of miRNAs on post-translational gene expression and the involvement in development of cancer are the major reasons for the growing interest in miRNAs.

If you are interested in performing your own microRNA profiling but don’t have the time or the budget to set up your own microRNA profiling laboratory, GeneWorks has the solution.


miRNA Profiling Service - From Sample Submission
to Experimental Result

As Distributor for Exiqon in Australia and New Zealand, GeneWorks now offers Exiqon’s miRNA profiling service. Contact us and we will help you establish contact with Exiqon’s experienced miRNA profiling team.

Interested customers will be asked to answer some questions concerning the expected goal of the experiment, sample size and experiment set-up/design etc. After signing an agreement regarding the performance of the profiling service followed by a customer quality control check, the samples are sent on dry ice to Exiqon. Upon arrival Exiqon performs their own quality control to ensure that the samples did not get degraded or compromised during transport. Once the integrity of the sample is confirmed Exiqon will continue with the planned and agreed array analysis. It will take 2-4 weeks to complete the full array analysis from receipt of the sample to delivery of the final report. The price for the service depends on the number of arrays used in the analysis. The cost per array decreases as the number of arrays increases. Please inquire for pricing.


Tetyana Shandala, Product Manager

Phone:  1800 882 555 or  +61-8-8159 6250


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