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SNP Genotyping using the Agena MassARRAY® System

Our Service

GeneWorks offers a complete SNP Genotyping service (panel design through to genotype report) using the Agena MassARRAY® system.  As an independent Australian service provider to the local and international research community, we aim to provide the highest level of service, confidentiality and customer support.

Our MassARRAY-based services, performed in our Adelaide laboratories, are fully backed by GeneWorks' ISO 9001 certification, in addition to GeneWorks being the first Agena Certified Service Provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Agena MassARRAY® System offers MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for high accuracy and sensitivity, robust chemistry for reproducible results, and advanced data analysis software to meet the needs of any genomc laboratory.  The MassARRAY® system, a scalable platform with a suite of applications for quantitative and qualitative nucleic acid analysis, provides flexible assay design, fast time-to-results, and cost effective sample runs.

GeneWorks' genotyping service includes:

  • Design of customised SNP panels using your content
  • Oligo manufacture and pool balancing
  • Running of iPLEX chemistry
  • Spot and fire of SpectroCHIP using MassARRAY System
  • Analysis of genotypes and delivery of genotype report in Excel format

Our Certification

GeneWorks was the first Agena Certified Service Providers in the Asia-Pacific region.  The Agena Service Provider (CSP) Program is a network of laboratories certified by Agena to provide the highest quality MassARRAY® system research services.

Agena works closely with CSP providers to train and certify their technical staff, and to ensure that all workflow components are performing optimally, from samples to results.  Researchers requiring the use of a MassARRAY® system in their studies are actively referred to CSP providers in the appropriate geographical region.

Automated Non-Contact Liquid Handling

GeneWorks makes use of state-of-the-art technologies for automated, non-contact dispensing of reagents during the iPLEX Genotyping process.  

This technology is a complete solution for low volume, high precision pipetting, offering our customers a number of advantages including:

  • Greatly reduced turn-around-time
  • Accurate, automated dispensing
  • Reduced potential for contamination and human-error due to minimal manual handling and use of non-contact dispensing

Applications and Service Options

iPLEX® Gold SNP Genotyping

Agena iPLEX Gold chemistry, combined with customised Assay Design and Oligonucletotide Synthesis by GeneWorks, allows for rapid and affordable development, validation and running of SNP assays. Up to 36 SNPs can be multiplexed in a single well and up to 380 samples can be processed in parallel. Further flexibility in the number of SNPs assayed is achieved by allocating multiple wells for each sample. GeneWorks’ workflows are designed to accommodate both small and large, ongoing genotyping assay requirements.


Service Pricing

Pricing for iPlex SNP Genotyping depends on the number of samples, the number of SNPs, and the number of individual multiplex wells required to cover the SNP list.  For quotation, please email us your custom SNP list.


Other Applications

The MassARRAY system is a flexible platform that allows researchers to perform a variety of DNA analysis applications.  The following applications are also available up on request:

  • Molecular Typing: iSEQ™ for Molecular Typing offers a combination of automation, versatility and discriminatory power that is superior to any other comparative sequence analysis system. The versatility of the iSEQ™ software and open database access enables comparative sequencing with a wide range of global reference databases. Analysis results for 384 reactions are automatically achieved in less than an hour.
  • Somatic Mutation Profiling: Oncocarta™ Panels provide a comprehensive family of oncogene and tumor suppressor panels for profiling somatic mutations, enabling cancer researchers to profile genetic changes rapidly for basic research, clinical research, and/or drug development studies.
  • Quantitative Gene Expression: QGE combines competitive PCR with MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry enabling a highly accurate, sensitive, and high-throughput method for the quantitative analysis of gene expression.


Contact GeneWorks

If you have any questions, or require advice, please contact our experienced customer and technical support team:

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