Full Service - Custom SNP Panel Design through to Genotyping


Agena Certified

GeneWorks is the first (and currently the only) Agena Certified Service Provider (CSP) in the Asia-Pacific region. The CSP program is a network of laboratories certified by Agena to provide the highest quality MassARRAY® System research services.


What You Need For a Free Custom Panel Design

For a customised design we require you to provide a SNP list (rs# markers or annotated sequence), as we offer an initial design consultation at no charge. This initial consultation allows us to work out how many multiplex assay wells are required to cover your targets of interest. From this we can then work out project pricing and provide you with an official quote.

For details on how to format your SNP list please see our “Customer User Guide” and “SNP List Submission Form” in the download area of our website .

Official quotations include:

  • Oligo manufacture and balancing of multiplexed oligo pools 
  • iPLEX assay
  • Spotting onto MassARRAY SpectroCHIP
  • Firing of SpectroCHIP on MassARRAY Analyser 4
  • Analysis of genotype calls and generation of genotyping report in Excel format

Please send your SNP lists to a FREE no obligation initial design.

* Free Custom Panel Design is offered for all new SNP genotyping projects.
Any re-design undertaken on a panel after validation will be quoted for as a separate project

For more information, please visit the Genotyping section of the GeneWorks website.