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Below is a list of the latest in leading edge molecular biology research products and services that are NEW to GeneWorks:   


RainDrop™ Digital PCR


OptiGene Genie II




RainDrop™ Digital PCR System

Built on RainDance’s patented and proven RainStorm™ picodroplet technology, the RainDrop™ Digital PCR System generates up to 10 million picoliter-sized droplets per lane.

Since each droplet encapsulates a single molecule, researchers can quickly determine the absolute number of droplets containing specific target DNA and compare that to the number of droplets with background wild-type DNA. The RainDrop System also shifts the current digital PCR (dPCR) paradigm from a single-colour-per-marker approach to a two colour with varying probe intensity method that is capable of multiplexing up to 10 markers.


  • Superior sensitivity: Detect 1 mutant amongst 250,000 wild-type molecules with a lower limit of detection of 1 in more than 1,000,000.
  • Unprecedented multiplexing: Conduct up to 10 tests or more on the same sample using the single molecule multi-colour detection technique.
  • Greater study design flexibility: Optimize number of PCR reactions based on your sensitivity AND multiplex requirements.
  • Closed-tube design: Ensure highest quality by eliminating contamination or carryover.
  • Proven picodroplet technology platform: Leverage a decade of experience with the same core technology found in RainDance’s Targeted Sequencing Systems.
  • Lowest cost per data point: Generate true digital answers with orders of magnitude more data per dollar.

For more information regarding the RainDrop™ Digital PCR System and its applications please visit:


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OptiGene Instrument Genie® II

Genie® II is a compact, lightweight and robust instrument suitable for use in the field or laboratory. It was specifically designed to run any isothermal amplification method that employs target detection by fluorescence measurement. The device has two heating blocks, each of which takes a single 8-microtube strip that was specially designed for the instrument. The tubes feature locking caps that do not open after a run, so preventing any contamination. The blocks can be controlled independently or run together for processing up to 16-samples. The instrument boasts low power requirements and includes a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery that can keep it running for a full working day.

Genie® II is controlled from a large TFT LCD display with resistive touch screen that can be operated while wearing protective gloves. From this interface the instrument can be set to run any thermal profile required for isothermal amplification. Real-time temperature and fluorescence data is displayed graphically and in real-time during a run and all of the data is held in the instrument’s large internal FLASH memory. This data is permanently stored and can be reviewed on the high-resolution display at any time after the run has finished or uploaded to a PC via a USB link.


  • Purpose-designed sophisticated instrument that supports any isothermal DNA / RNA amplification method employing fluorescence readout
  • Stand-alone operation from the integral 7” high-resolution touch screen with no need for a host computer
  • Two heating blocks, each taking a single strip of eight 150 µl microtubes, that can be run together or completely independently
  • Highly accurate temperature control up to 100°C with the ability to run a thermal gradient along each block (assay optimisation)
  • High capacity internal data store for saving run data and experiment prototcols
  • Fitted with internal Li-Po battery that allows a full day’s operation away from a mains electricity supply and rapid charging
  • Rapid Isothermal Amplification
  • Result confirmation by anneal step
  • Low-cost and easy-to-use
  • Compact, portable and robust
  • Mains or battery-powered
  • Easy access to data via USB interface
  • Use independently via touchscreen or link to a computer via a USB cable


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