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Welcome to GeneWorks’ Custom DNA Oligonucleotide service.

GeneWorks offers Australian and New Zealand scientists a fast, economical and quality-guaranteed service backed by the highest level of customer support. Oligo synthesis began in our Adelaide laboratories in 1986, and we remain the only commercial supplier to make all its oligos in Australia. In December 2005, GeneWorks achieved ISO 9001 accreditation for its Australian operation, including the Quality systems used in the Custom Oligo Synthesis and Quality Control laboratories.

GeneWorks Custom Oligo Service is described in full below and in the linked pages. Our new web site has many new features to facilitate ordering, and can now accommodate the following:

  • Oligos with ‘N’ at the 3' end
  • Oligos with modifications/labels at the 3' end
  • Dual labelled probes
  • Phosphorothioate (S) oligos including mixed linkages
  • Expanded range of internal, 5' and 3' modifications
  • Bulk discount for 5' amino labeled 40 nmole scale oligos
  • Short oligos (≥5 bases)
  • Long oligos (≤110 bases)


If you have any questions about your oligos or an order, or require advice, please contact our experienced customer and technical support team:

Tel (NZ, INT) 0800 450 001, +61-8-8159 6250
Tel (AUS) Freecall 1800 882 555 or 08-8159 6250 

How to order

Oligos can be ordered through this web site, or by e-mail. Web ordering is now possible for almost all types of oligo and offers certain advantages over other methods:

  • Automatic upload of order and oligo information into our synthesis database
  • Price estimation prior to order placement
  • Automatic e-mail order confirmation to you and nominated third party
  • Order history and oligo re-order feature
  • Payment on account or with secure credit card payment facility

A downloadable Excel Oligo Order Form is available for orders of large numbers of oligos or for ‘off-site’ order assembly.



Previously offered as an alternative ordering option was our Oligo Fax Form .

Please note that as of 1st of July 2011, GeneWorks will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTING any faxed Custom Oligonucleotide orders.

All order's must be ordered either online or by downloading the above Excel Oligo Form which can be emailed to:


Service Options

A large range of scales, purities and modifications are available:

  • 40 nmole, 200 nmole, 1 µmole and 10 µmole scales
  • Sequencing/PCR grade, Transfection grade, HPLC purified
  • Modifications, including single and dual labelled fluorescent probes.

Priority Service

A premium service designed for quick turnaround. Shipping times are minimised to get the oligos to you as fast as possible.

Same Day service

A super-fast service for same day shipping of standard oligos. This service applies to unmodified, 40 nmole scale Sequencing/PCR grade oligos up to 30 bases in length ordered using GeneWorks’ Priority Service. See our Delivery page for full information.

Off Peak Service

Not all customers require their oligos immediately. This service is designed for those customers who don't mind waiting a little longer for their order, in exchange for reduced charges. These oligos are synthesised as fast as possible, with delivery times dependent on the volume of priority orders and/or synthesis capacity.


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