KASP Genotyping

KASP™ Genotyping - Free Trial Kits Available

KASP is a proprietary genotyping technology from LGC that enables bi-allelic discrimination of SNPs and InDels using single-plex, end-point PCR.

The KASP genotyping reaction comprises three components:

  1. Sample DNA (with the sequence of interest)
  2. KASP Assay Mix (containing the target specific primers)
  3. KASP Master Mix


KASP assay mix and KASP master mix are available through GeneWorks.

Advantages of KASP:

  • KASP utilises a universal reporting system (FRET cassettes), where the labelled components are present in the KASP Master Mix and can be used on all assays - the means no need for expensive,customised, labelled probes.
  • KASP will work on many different qPCR instruments and plate readers - you aren't locked into specifc platfoms, and chances are you already have a KASP compatible instrument.  See the instrument guide on the KASP Trial Kit Request Form to see what master mix is optimal for you.
  • Industry leading SNP and InDel assay converstion rate (>90%)

Free KASP Trial Kit

For a free KASP Genotyping Trial Krial, use the KASP Trial Kit Request Form, or enter your details at http://www2.lgcgroup.com/KASP-Trial-Kit-JA

*Please note that some browsers require the KASP Trial Kit Request Form to be downloaded to your computer before the submission function will work.

Other Items

LGC also offer a wide range of instrumentation, reagents and services for genotyping, nucleic acid extraction and much more. 

For more details please contact GeneWorks Customer Service.


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