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Next Generation Sequencing on the Illumina Genome Analyzer II(x)


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GeneWorks is an independent Australian service provider to the local and international research community. We aim to provide the highest level of service, confidentiality and customer support, working with our customers to reach their goals. Our Next Gen Sequencing services are fully backed by GeneWorks’ ISO 9001 and Illumina CSPro certification.

With the 2007 installation of our first Illumina Genome Analyzer, GeneWorks now has over three years experience with this versatile technology and a proven history of providing quality outcomes for all major applications (see our Testimonials page) direct from our Adelaide laboratories.


Sequencing Options – Guaranteed Yield and Quality

GeneWorks offers short (35b), intermediate (65b) and long (90b or longer) reads with guaranteed sequence yields per lane. Read length and data volume is likely to further increase with introduction of improved chemistries and data analysis.

  • 35b reads – ideally suited to small RNA and DeepCAGE sequencing. A low cost option for genome re-sequencing, ChIP and mRNA-seq.
  • 65b and 90b+ reads – de novo sequencing, BS-seq, improved mapping for genome re-sequencing, ChIP and mRNA seq.
  • Paired-End and Mate-Pair reads – useful alone or in combination to resolve inversions, deletions and repeats in genome sequencing.
  • Multiplexed Sequencing – by including an index sequence in a library, multiple samples can be sequenced in one lane. See our Service Options and Pricing page for compatible applications.



Genome Analyzer II(x) technology is a powerful tool for exploring genetic variation and gene expression. The process starts with generation of a library of DNA fragments containing Illumina-specific sequences at either end. Our different sample preparation methods allow libraries to be generated for a wide range of research applications. For more information please read below or navigate to our Service Options and Pricing  page.


DNA-based Applications

  • Whole Genome Sequencing – from viral to mammalian genomes – resequencing and de novo applications.
  • Whole Exome Sequencing (human, mouse) – using Agilent SureSelect capture.
  • Targeted Sequencing of larger genomes – using array-based or solution-based (Agilent SureSelect) capture. Options available for non-human organisms.
  • ChIP DNA sequencing.
  • Epigenetics applications – MeDIP-seq, sequencing of bisulphite-treated DNA or methylation-enriched libraries.


Transcriptome Analysis

  • mRNA-seq – ‘shotgun’ sequencing of mRNA populations for expression studies and cSNP discovery.
  • Small RNA sequencing – miRNA and other non-coding RNA expression analysis and discovery.
  • DeepCAGE sequencing for identification of Transcription Start Sites and expression analysis.


Other Applications

GeneWorks has experience in many newly published applications and works with our customers to develop new methodologies. Please enquire.


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Contact GeneWorks

If you have any questions, or require advice, please contact our experienced customer and technical support team:

Tel (INT) +61-8-8234 2644
Tel (NZ) 0800 450 001
Tel (AUS) 1800 882 555 or 08 8234 2644
Fax +61-8-8234 2699



Sanger (capillary) Sequencing

To complement our Next Generation Sequencing services, GeneWorks has teamed up with 1st BASE in Singapore to provide high quality, affordable Sanger sequencing. Using Applied Biosystems 3730xl capillary sequencers, 1st BASE provides high quality, long read (850b) sequencing of plasmids and PCR products. For more information on this service and how to access it via GeneWorks please refer to our 1st BASE Sequencing page.


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