Orders over $50.00 ex GST in value are shipped FIS (no delivery charge) anywhere in Australia. A delivery fee of $10 ex. GST applies to orders under $50 ex. GST in value.

Shipping times

The times given below are typical Production Time in days from receipt of order to shipping for Priority Orders. Delivery is overnight to most customers. These figures are based on orders of up to 48 oligos. Shipping times for large orders may be extended.

See our Same Day service below for super-fast production of standard oligos.

Typical Production Time (working days) - Priority Service

Starting synthesis scale


Transfection grade or HPLC


40 nmole




200 nmole




1 and 10 µmole




Off Peak orders can take up to 2-4 days longer to ship than Priority Servce orders.

Orders containing more than one type of service are shipped after completion of the slowest unless separate delivery is requested. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control, shipping times may be extended.

Delivery times assume successful synthesis as judged by our quality control procedures. Depending on synthesis efficiency there can be an unacceptable amount of failure sequence produced. In these cases the oligo would need to be resynthesised, adding an extra day to the turn around time.

Dual labelled probes are shipped within 8 working days.

NEW - SAME DAY shipping service

DESIGN TODAY – PCR TOMORROW!  To take advantage of our new Same Day service,  order by 8.30 am AEST/AEDT (8.00 am Adelaide time) and receive your oligos by courier the next morning, ready for your experiment.

Same Day service applies to unmodified, 40 nmole scale Sequencing/PCR grade oligos up to 30 bases in length ordered using GeneWorks’ Priority Service.

Orders for >48 oligos may be shipped the following day.

Same Day shipping assumes all oligos on the order meet our stringent quality criteria. If resynthesis is required, the order will ship the following day.


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