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Effective from 1 February 2012 

For pricing on modifications (eg labels, probes, phosphorothioate) please click here.

Synthesis Cost (per base)
Starting synthesis scaleOff Peak ServicePriority Service
NB Set up charges apply to oligos <10 bases in length please enquire.
40nmole $0.80/base $0.90/base
200 nmole $2.50/base $2.70/base
1 µmole $4.40/base $4.80/base
10 µmole $28.00/base $35.00/base

See Delivery for information on turnaround times.

Purification Cost (per oligo)
Purification/Grade Starting Synthesis Scale
40 nmole 200 nmole 1 µmole 10 µmole
Sequencing/PCR Grade (Standard desalting) No charge No charge No charge No charge
Transfection Grade $8 $8 $8 $15
HPLC Purified $75 $75 $90 $150

For additional advice on oligo purity selection see our Purity page.

Plate Format Pricing - Standard Service

A more economical service for customers wanting to order many oligos of a similar type.
40 nmole starting synthesis scale, Sequencing/PCR Grade, 15-35 bases.
No mixed bases or modifications.
5 OD (approx 150 µg) minimum yield (for ≥ 20-mer).
Minimum order size 48 oligos.
Supplied lyophilised in 96 well deep-well plates with Excel Oligo Data sheet.
GeneWorks Excel Order Form can be used for plate format orders.
Turnaround time for typical orders maximum 5 working days.

Number of oligos on platePrice/base for oligos on plate
96 $0.70
73 - 95 $0.75
48 - 72 $0.80
<48 (as part of order of >96 oligos only, these oligos are supplied in tubes) $0.80

Plate Format - Special Service

Choice of 40, 200 nmole or 1 µmole starting synthesis scales.
Sequencing/PCR Grade, 15-80 bases.
Mixed bases permitted (only N at 3’ end). Modifications permitted.
Please enquire for more information and pricing.


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