Nippon Genetics

 Nippon Genetics is a Japanese distribution and marketing company which focuses on products for the Life Science community. Nippon Genetics try to focus on different areas, like DNA/RNA Imaging, DNA Purification, PCR technology and electrophoresis.The development of the Blue/Green LED technology for visualization of DNA/RNA in agarose gels is a milestone for the company, where this unique and innovative technology delivers with the same sensitivity for red and green nucleic acid dyes. The company continues to research and develop new products, working with their customers all over the world.

Nippon’s Midori Green Advance and Midori Green Direct have been another great development of the company; where these products are non carcinogenic and significant less mutagenic in comparison to Ethidium Bromide, but the same sensitivity for a very competitive price. Nippon also have a range of enzymes for PCR, probes and non-inhibitory dyes for qPCR, a range of imaging systems using their Blue/Green LED technology and BAMBANKER – a serum free cell freezing medium which was originally developed just for their own R&D work but because of the innovative formulation, a European Patent (EP 1347040) was granted.