Cell Guidance Systems

Cell Guidance Systems provides reagents and services to control, manipulate and monitor the cell growth and behavior, both in-vitro and in-vivo.

Based in Cambridge (UK), the main focus of the Cell Guidance Systems is to breach the gap between a research bench innovations and a world-wide research community by facilitating development of truly groundbreaking commercial products.

For example, ETS-embryo medium (developed in the lab of Prof Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz at Cambridge University) enables the production of artificial embryos from stem cells. PODS™ protein packaging system (developed in the lab of Prof Hajime Mori at Kyoto Institute of Technology) is overcoming stability limitations of proteins, offering valuable tool for in vitro and in vivo studies, thereby paving a way for new therapies.

The list of innovative products includes: 

  • Pluripro® media - for human pluripotent cell maintenance
  • IVC medium - for maintaining blastocysts
  • ETS-Embryo medium - for establishment of "artificial" embryos
  • PODS™ packaged growth factors - a depot technology which expands the spectrum of applications with these important molecules
  • Microvesicle research – products to track in live cells, purify and assay functionality of exosomes
  • SINEUP™ – a unique technology that increases protein expression levels by increasing efficiency of translation
  • Growth factors – with over 200 to choose from including many animal-free
  • Small molecules – a targeted offering for stem cell research

Research is often expensive and budgets limited, and Cell Guidance Systems. understands the importance of offering value for money across their product range.